Best of the Best: Online Educational Resources!

Activities to Keep Your Children Entertained While Being Educated

By Nicole Barragato, Publisher, Macaroni Kid Ann Arbor March 17, 2020

As a former educator, I have had a great time searching for and locating great online resources to educate and entertain your children while at home. Now I know that there is a GoogleDoc going around on Facebook that seriously lists hundred of resources, but that seemed far too overwhelming to me. Below I have arranged my top picks of tried and true websites that I used while I was teaching and continue to use with my own girls. 

Raz - Kids

  • Over 400 ebooks spanning 29 levels
  • Books in Spanish included
  • Listen to books, read books for practice, then record yourself reading
  • Every ebook has an eQuiz to test comprehension
  • You can assign books to your child and oversee their progress
  • Available also on an app
  • Offering a free subscription while students are home from school


  • Adapts to specific learning needs of each student
  • Teaches nonreaders and early readers critical reading fundamentals, such as: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and basic vocabulary
  • Teaches grades 3-5 reading comprehension skills
  • Keep students engaged with built in motivators
  • Child learns mastery before moving on
  • Offering a free subscription while students are home from school

Storyline Online

  • Storyline Online streams videos of actors reading children's books alongside whimsical illustrations
  • Reading aloud can improve reading, writing, and communication skills
  • Each book includes curriculum developed by a certified elementary educator
  • Lesson aims to strengthen comprehension and verbal and written skills for ELL 
  • Well known readers include: Viola Davis, Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, and Betty White
  • FREE

Squiggle Park

  • Number 1 reading game for early learners
  • Includes a separate game, Dreamscape, for grades 3-6
  • Learners move at their own pace
  • Aligned with classroom curriculum
  • Progress reports show areas where additional support is needed
  • Mini-lessons included to support gaps in learning
  • App available
  • Free 2 week trial, then $60/year for up to 3 children

Book Flix

  • First learn to read and then read to learn
  • Pair fiction and nonfiction books together
  • Introduce early readers to the wonder of reading
  • Add a nonfiction text for deeper knowledge
  • Available on an app
  • FREE account! Username: Learning20  Password: Clifford

  • Educational app that is FREE and fun
  • Includes thousands of books and activities for children ages 2-7
  • Kahn Academy available for older students
  • Originally started with math lessons but now includes: math, language, logic, and books
  • Learn at their own pace
  • Encourages independent learning
  • Super simple songs will help your child learn
  • Best part... FREE 


  • Gain fluency and confidence in math
  • Lesson from Pre-K through Calculus
  • Can determine skills to study based on: state standards, K-12 textbooks, or test preparation
  • Work at your own pace with interactive questions and built in support
  • Website also now includes: math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish
  • Math is $79/year or Core subjects are $159/year

  • My students loved watching BrainPop
  • Learning games, animated videos, and activities
  • Challenges students to reflect, make connections, and engage in deeper learning
  • BrainPop Jr for K-3 and BrainPop for grades 4-12
  • Includes the following topics: STEM, Social Studies, Reading/Writing, Health, Arts & Music
  • Includes an app
  • Currently offering parents a FREE 30 day subscription

  • Learn about different animal types
  • Watch videos about amazing animals and things that are weird but true
  • Play games and take personality quizzes
  • Explore a number of other topics including, space, recycling, and the United States
  • FREE

  • Includes both mini-lessons and full lessons
  • Includes videos and activities
  • Activities are designed with simple items that you will have at home
  • Broad range of topics from how pizza was invented to germs 
  • For Kindergarten through Grade 5
  • Currently includes free lessons for school closures

History for Kids 

  • Articles, worksheets, and a quiz for each section
  • Also games and videos on historical events
  • Divided into categories: Egypt, Middle Ages, Greece, Rome, Asia, China, and America
  • Created by Stephen Byrne, currently 14 but he started website when he was 12
  • FREE

  • Search for a video
  • Review the standards and supporting materials, also can switch to Spanish
  • Choose a think sheet
  • Preview key words
  • Watch a video
  • Play quiz whiz
  • FREE account! Username: Learning20  Password: Clifford


  • Effective way to learn typing
  • Practice only a few minutes a day
  • Engaging and interactive way to learn typing
  • Proper hand posture guide
  • Games, videos, and typing challenges 
  • Voice over feature, words are read aloud
  • Learn to type in other languages
  • FREE

  • Includes: dance parties, yoga sessions, mindfulness activities, and games
  • Created by child developers, athletes, and mindfulness experts who specialize in kid content
  • 100's of activities
  • Includes an app
  • All content is FREE

Fluency & Fitness

  • 60+ reading and math topics
  • Over 900 videos
  • 365+ skills
  • Access to all K-2 content
  • Engaging and fun while learning and moving
  • 21 days of FREE unlimited access


  • My go to resource for print materials while I was teaching
  • Over 3 million resources available
  • Created by other educators
  • Resources for PreK - 12
  • Including such topics as: units, curriculum, project-based learning, special education, social/emotional learning and SO MUCH MORE
  • Some free and some paid for


  • Teacher-created resources
  • Over 525,000 resources
  • Pre-K through 5th grade, also homeschool, special education, Christian education, and world languages
  • Currently FREE with code USATWINKLHELPS

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