10 Tips and Tricks for Using Macaroni Kid

How to make the Macaroni Kid page work for you

By Nicole Barragato, Publisher, Macaroni Kid Ann Arbor May 23, 2020

1. Add Macaroni Kid Events link to your phone's home screen

The Macaroni Kid webpage is very mobile friendly. You can bookmark the page in your mobile browser, but even better is adding the events page to your phone's home screen. It will work as a reminder to check the calendar, and it super easy!  

  • Start from the Macaroni Kid Events Page in your mobile browser.
    • iPhone
      • Tap the Share button at the bottom of the browser
      • Select Add to Home Screen.
    • Android
      • Tap the Create Bookmark icon (star on the top right of the browser page)
      • Tap the drop down menu on Add To & select Home Screen.

2. Search Events & Articles
If you're looking for a particular event, you don't need to check the schedule day by day. On the top right corner of the Macaroni Kid website is a search option. Results include both articles and events that match your keywords.

3. Search by Date, Age, and Category 

Choose from the drop down menus on the Events Page to find listings for a particular day, activities for a specific age range, or filter categories such as age, activity type, and holidays. 

4. Google Maps

Also a the bottom of every event listing is the option to open the location in Google Maps, for quick and easy directions. 

5. Add to Calendar 

Add events directly to your personal Google or iCalendar with just one click, located at the bottom of any Macaroni Kid calendar listing. 

6Social Media

Follow Macaroni Kid on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to get heads up on new calendar listings, upcoming events, and more. Plus at the top of each calendar listing is the option to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to let your friends know about events you're interested in.

7. Weekly Macaroni Kid e-Newsletter

Each weekly newsletter includes tons of articles featuring easy activities and ideas to try at home. In addition, local events are highlighted in This Week's Picks, so that you never miss out on any local family fun. Subscribe to the weekly e-newsletter here

8Submit Event

Have an upcoming event you'd like to add to the Macaroni Kid calendar? It's as easy as filling out a Submit Event form, found at the top of the events page. If you've only heard about something and want me to check it out, that's fine too. Fill out what you can, and I'll do the rest. 

9. Contact Me

I am always happy to help if you have questions or concerns. You can fill out the Contact Us section on the webpage. Or you can email me directly at

My name is Nicole, I'm a stay at home mom of two very girlie princesses, and I can be found around town at drop ins and events. I enjoy a good cup of chai and survive the days on caffeine and Jesus.  I love meeting new local parents, and want to hear about your experiences and wishes for Macaroni Kid Ann Arbor.

10. Business Directory

This is your one stop for local vendors in Ann Arbor. Everything from lessons to party decorations, the business directory has you covered! You can shop around without all the endless internet searching. I'm so excited to connect with local businesses and hopefully make all your lives a bit easier. If you are a local business owner I would love to connect with you! Email me at